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Lil Baby Restaurant Reacts To Terrible Review

Lil Baby Restaurant Reacts To Terrible Review

Lil Baby’s restaurant claims that 99% of their reviews have been positive.

Last month, Atlanta-born rapper Lil Baby opened his own seafood restaurant in his hometown. The opening ceremony for the restaurant, The Seafood Menu Restaurant and Takeout, seemingly went off without a hitch.

The event brought in a huge crowd of fans who were eager to taste what Lil Baby had to offer. At the time, it was also reported that Lil Baby plans to expand the venture, creating a franchise. He even wants to bottle up some of the restaurant’s signature sauces, so that fans can purchase them at their local grocery stores.

One self-proclaimed seafood lover, however, seems to have had a pretty disappointing experience with the restaurant. She posted a video review of the food, which later went viral. In the video, she shows what she received, claiming to have gotten shorted on her meal. Apparently, the restaurant only gave her four shrimp when she paid for six. She also showed a photo of a piece of fish that appeared to be cut in half, which she claims the restaurant tried to hide with a different piece of fish.

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